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When we find a resource or curricula we like, we stick with it. Home School in the Woods is one of those resources. Earlier in the Homeschool Review Crew year, we reviewed The Renaissance and Reformation Project Passport. We were thrilled to have another hands-on resource to review. I was even more excited when we were chosen for the new Make-a-State Activity Pak. I had seen this new hands-on resource at convention and loved the versatility. You can use this one Activity Pak to study any (or all) of the states in the United States including Washington D.C.

Hands-On History Activity-Paks: Make-A-State

As with all Activity-Paks, the lap books are designed to go along with your studies. With few exceptions, the information needed to complete the lap book elements will come from somewhere else. This allows the lap books to serve as either the spine, outline of your study, or as an activity for another curriculum. All of the necessary elements (mini books, activity books, etc.) are included, ready to print and use. A guide for assembling the base and any special folding or fastening of elements is also included. The Make-a-State Pak includes a bonus, State Pages, a sheet for each state with some of the basic information included. The Activity-Paks are good for experienced or novice lap book users.

One of the common features of all of the products we’ve used from Home School in the Woods is the menu. When you open the folder for your Activity-Pak, Time Traveler, Lap-Pak, etc. you will see the “start.htm”. With a clear place to start and interactive navigation it is easy to get started and see what parts need printed when and what other resources are needed to complete an activity. If you are looking for a quick place to access the PDFs, those are in a separate folder. Each page is individual so that you can work with your printer’s requirements for two-sided printing. This also makes it easy to print pages in color or on cardstock.

Hands-On History Activity-Paks: Make-A-State

The Make-a-State Pak can be used in whatever way fits your needs. We have worked through the activities in random order, selecting what was interesting at the time. We have been working on our home state of Indiana. This has been a review for the older girls (the teens are choosing to do some of these fun, hands-on activities) and an introduction for the younger three (7, 9, 11). We’ll keep adding the elements to the lap book over the next few months as they read biographies and other books to round out their study of our state. And then we can use this same Activity-Pak to study any other state we wish. I love that about this Pak! My plan is to use some elements for every state and keep these things, along with the completed Indiana lap book, in a 3 ring binder.

One of the things that sets the Make-a-State Activity Pak apart from being “just” a lap book, are the activities. The second of the included bonuses (the State Pages are the first) is a file folder game. The game is “Name That State!”. There are three options for the game board, depending upon the skill of your learners. The cards have only the outline of the state on one side and the name, capital and other information on the back (when you get them printed correctly). The directions for play allow for various options depending on the challenge your learners need. This has been fun for all of my children to play together. The older children know the shape of the state and most of the capitals, so to mark that state, they also need to supply some additional information. The younger children who are still learning the basics, need only supply the state name and capital.

Think this game sounds like fun, but lap books really aren’t your thing? Name That State is one of the items now available À La Carte from Home School in the Woods. There are many items from the various Activity Paks, Time Travellers, Project Passports and Lap Paks. Priced from $1.95 to $9.95, they are an easy (and fun) way to some hands-on fun to your existing studies. You may find, that this taste of the beautiful, hands-on history products from Home School in the Woods only whets your appetite and you want to use the whole Pak. Each item indicates which Pak it comes from. You’ll notice those first three do not indicate which Pak they are part of, they were created as independent resources. I am so excited at the possibilities of these hands-on history resources being available this way. I can see many new users and fans of Home School in the Woods from these items.

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