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Here is where you can pick up your own dose of encouragement!  No matter where you are in your homeschooling journey, this book is a must read.

Here are my official opinions.  I know you all were dying to read this part

The New School Year: Planning Your Course and Letting the Lord Determine Your Steps (A Compilation of Encouragement) is an excellent book for both the seasoned homeschooler and the new one.  The ideas and encouragement contained will apply to any family regardless of the style of schooling that you follow or the type of curricula that you use.  Homeschooling families can learn tips from trusted sources who are still in the trenches—right with you, and those who have successfully completed their journey.  You can learn how to organize your books and materials, how to prepare your schedule from a big picture perspective down to what should be covered each day and reminding ourselves of why we homeschool, who is The One truly in charge.  This is one book that I will be re-reading each year.  My only complaint is that it wasn’t available sooner.

Having started our homeschooling journey using Five in a Row, I am familiar with Steve and Jane Lambert.  Their article includes many verses supporting our need to have a plan.  We need not to plan every minute of our days, but to plan with room in our schedule to allow the Lord to lead us according to His will. 

Another article included in this e-book is from Amanda Bennett.  Her name brings to mind, of course, unit studies.  She shows how unit studies can allow for the flexibility that most of us need.  She also reminds that just because our year may not go as planned does not mean that it may not be our best year yet!

You may be thinking, like I am, how can I plan anything when I have little ones?  In addition to our 3rd grader, 1st grader and kindergardener, our plans must accommodate and active 3 year old boy, his not-quite 2 year old sister and the new blessing due to arrive in January.  The article from Malia Russell (from Homemaking 911) is just what I needed.  She shows us how to manage a multi-level homeschool.  From tips such as combining some grades for the same subject to using audiobooks, Malia lets us know it can be done.

Terri Johnson is another contributor I have been gleaning much from lately via her website, Bramley Books (Knowledge Quest) and the e-newsletters I have received.  She includes 5 easy steps to creating a schedule, awesome tips for organizing that book collection—and keeping it that way, and a way of keeping your student(s)’s  schoolwork contained and accessible.  These are great ideas that can work for anyone, regardless of whether you use textbooks or living books; have a room designated for your own library or have books crammed in a corner of every room; conduct school from a desk or snuggled  together on the couch.

The only author of this encouragement team I was not previously familiar with has written the best organizing plan I have seen.  In my attempts through the years, I have read many books and magazine and online articles to try to become more organized.  Cheryl Allin’s plan has everything broken down into simple steps.  Nothing seems intimidating at all (until perhaps I open that overstuffed filing cabinet).  Phase one of Cheryl’s plan is to organize your space.  Once everything is neat and tidy (you know what you have and where you have it) you can plan your school year.  After planning the most important task is to implement the plan.  Sometimes this is the hardest for me.  What if my plan is not working well?  If I have reviewed these articles, then I should have all that I need to tweak my plan and be well on our way to a great year of learning with my children. 

The final part of this great book is from Ruth Beechick, someone I have come to respect as a voice of wisdom.  She writes a gentle reminder that whatever curricula we choose is really a tool.  There are many resources available, use them in the way that works best for your family, even if that means putting it aside.

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