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Rocket Phonics, our first thoughts as we are getting started

Rocket Phonics

This complete program is available for $160 or 3 payments of $53.34.

We received this program free for our families use for the purpose of review.  When we first opened the box, we were all excited by the things we found inside.  My children liked the symbol cards, peeker and the little toys for prizes for some of the games.  I liked the two readers laid out complete with lesson plans to dive right in.  Also, this is non-consumable, so I can use Rocket Phonics with all of my children.

This program has been developed by Dr. and Mrs. Guffanti for children ages 4-10.  "Perfect for children of all learning styles, even very active kids, Rocket Phonics readers go from non-reader to 5th grade reading in two years or less."  Their website has much information showing the studies that have been done proving the effectiveness of this program. 

One of the things I noticed right off as we played around with this, was the appeal to all of my children.  I think between our four learners, I have every learning style represented.  My eldest daughter (8 yr. old) and my son (3 yr. old) are very active children.  Requiring them to sit still is torture–for all of us.  Many of the activities are geared towards active learners.  I think my previous approach–sit still and read with me–have been part of DD#1’s struggle with reading.  We have not been consistent with the program as our school year is really just beginning (No school before Labor Day!).  Already, I can tell my eldest daughter has more confidence.  Even my youngest learner, DS (who is only 3) has enjoyed participating in some of the activities.  I think he has even learned most of the sounds to the symbol cards we have been working on.  The main difference I have noticed is in how the letters and sounds have been presented.  Most programs I have looked at start with the letter and tell you this is its’ sound (I am hearing the song from Leap Frog "…every letter makes a sound….").  Rocket Phonics starts with the sound and then says it is made by this letter and sometimes also this letter or blend/combination of letters.  This helps move from talking (which all of my children seem to be experts at 🙂 ) to reading.  They also use color-coded helpers for those words (of which there seem to be many in our English language) that don’t follow their spellings.

So far, we are really having fun with this program.  As we settle into our ‘school groove’ we will be using it more consistently.  From the results we are seeing already–with all four children, I anticipate great readers by summer. 🙂  This is definitely something I wish I had known about a few years ago so my eldest daughter and I would not have struggled.  I think this is going to work beautifully to getting her not only up to her grade level in reading, but beyond.  Her interest and comprehension is so much beyond her reading fluency, I think her independent learning is really going to flourish.

To see what my fellow Crew mates think so far, check this link here.  Be sure to follow up with us as we update our success and thoughts on Rocket Phonics throughout the year.

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