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Gifts from Kids to DIY


It’s the time of year when our children are thinking of gifts.  To help keep the focus on giving, rather than wanting, we encourage them to make gifts for their grandparents.  As they get older, we don’t even need to put the idea out there, they think of it on their own.  Even if your skills are limited or you are not a crafty person, there are many options for gifts from kids to DIY.

A year or so ago, I researched and pulled together a collection of links for projects that all of my children could make.  I posted this to a friends blog, Life of a Homeschool Mom.  Some may be better suited to have Mama or an older sibling help; many can be done “all by myself”.  We are a frugal family, so the supplies are easily obtainable and won’t break the bank.  Have fun with your children and help them to see it truly is better to give than receive.


Gifts from Kids to DIY

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