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How to Bring Home the Wow Factor



If you just love your home and feel it’s an expression of yourself, you might fancy yourself an interior decorator. Adding your personal touches and impressing your guests with them gives you great pleasure. So why wouldn’t you put more of yourself into your home?

If you spend your best time relaxing in your home then making sure it’s entirely to your taste sounds like a reasonable thing to do. Here are some powerful ways to add a wow factor to every room in your house.




Everyone who has thought about interiors would have considered focal points in a room. Furniture can function as a significant focal point. Hand-worked furniture from reclaimed wood usually makes a big statement in any home. Think of sofa tables, dining tables, dressers, wardrobes, coffee tables, and even TV consoles.

Having furniture that speaks of age and experience makes a great conversation starter. People will usually ask you: “where’s that from?” And of course, you could make up a story of it being a family heirloom, or just tell them to go here https://foxdendecor.com/handcrafted-furniture/bathroom-vanity/.



Adding a big bold mirror to an unexpected place will not only increase the size of the room, increase the depth, but also make a room infinitely brighter. You can use mirrors to illuminate dark corners, add a focal point to the room and add a window to a windowless wall to name a few options. A mirror is one of those objects that, by placing it in the room, the space instantly feels less crowded. Just try to avoid making your home a mirror maze.



Another way to add a wow factor is to add murals to your walls. Don’t overdo it, a simple and elegant mural will do as it invites viewers to explore the painting and its story. Pictures that transcend several walls make an even bigger statement. You can even make a mural yourself with a projector and patience and creativity. You can even buy ready-made mural stickers if you don’t think your brushstrokes will do. Either way, a mural can tell a story that is personal to you and makes a home that much more yours.



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If you want to bring some life into your house think plants, lots of them. Especially the green, hardy variety is a good option for every home. Combine larger specimens with small and mix up your leaf types and sizes for added contrast.  Hang them from ceilings, put them on shelves and create your own little urban jungle indoors. Just make sure to water them from time to time.


To truly add a wow factor to your home you sometimes need to think outside the box.  Life-size cut out of a celebrity? Maybe a disco ball hanging from the ceiling?  A bright blue police box?

Create something different, stick it in the space and it’ll get people talking and create an exciting and unusual detail that adds personality.


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