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Gift Guide for your Husband



Husbands can be mysterious and complicated.  Often, when we ask what he wants for his birthday he will simply say “I don’t know”.  This leads to us having to come up with our own ideas of what he will love.  If you are in this same position, here are some ideas which you could use.


Graphic Tees

If your husband loves a specific movie or TV show, an easy gift idea for him would be a tee with a design on it.  For example, you can find Star Trek, Game of Thrones or Batman shirts online.  For many husbands, this will be a welcome addition to his wardrobe.

Video Games

Another option that pleases a range of ages, go for video games.  Whether he has an XBox, a PlayStation or Nintendo DS there are a ton of options for games.

  • Fifa
  • Fallout 3
  • Far Cry Primal
  • Assassins Creed Odyssey
  • Sniper Elite
  • GTA 5
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Lego Marvel Superheroes 2
  • Pokemon X and Y

There are so many gaming options out there.  Some of these will help him unwind after a busy day at work or be fun to play with your children on a lazy weekend.


Coffee Machine

If your husband loves to enjoy a good cup of coffee every morning before he goes to work, a great gift for him could be a
coffee machine.  He can brew up his favorite drinks and enjoy them before the day begins.  A coffee machine comes in many sizes and shapes o you will be able to find one no matter what your budget is.   Pairing the gift with some coffee pods and/or a new
coffee mug is a great way to make him feel loved.



If you own a home then a gift idea for him which could be useful is a set of tools or perhaps a tool or two which he needs. If you have a lot of jobs to do around the house during the spring and summer then a
power tool and supplies could actually prove to be an amazing gift for your partner. It might not be the most exciting gift of all time but it can be something he will genuinely use every day and something which he will enjoy. Or, if his gifts for you tend to be practical kitchen helps (I really do love my
InstantPot), then he will probably *LOVE* getting useful, practical tools as a gift.


Chocolate, nuts, alcohol, snacks… you name it. If you are struggling with what to get for your man to complete his birthday gift, then there is no better place to look than your local supermarket. Everyone loves a good snack and this is a simple and on budget idea for him this year to make him feel special and loved. My husband loves a container of cashews that are all his – no sharing allowed. If he has a favorite whiskey you could treat him to a bottle. Take your time to see what things he enjoys the most and this will be the best way to treat him for his birthday.

Concert Tickets

Is there a band or a solo artist which your partner completely adores? If so, why not splash out this year and grab some concert tickets for both of you so that you can enjoy watching and singing along together for the evening. Concert tickets can be pretty expensive but sometimes you will be able to find a deal which is too good to miss. Take a look online and make sure you keep an eye out for launch days and times to get the best possible seats. You can then even spend the night in a hotel in the city and enjoy a lazy day together afterward!

A Surprise Trip

There is nothing better for a gift than a big old surprise, and if you want to give your husband an amazing surprise this year, you could book a weekend away in a cabin with a hot tub and the works. Sometimes exactly what you need as a couple is some time to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. A trip away in a secluded spot can be the best option for you both this year. Plan out where you want to go or simply wait until the week before his birthday and look on a website such as LastMinute.com and book yourselves a trip away.


If you are on a tight budget due to saving up for a new home or paying of debt, there is no better gift you can give to your man this year than yourself. Buy yourself some lingerie and light candles throughout the home and simply be the gift that he can enjoy on his special day. It is something which is cheap to do and it will also improve your relationship and bring closer together which is always a great thing.

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