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Keto for Health – Keto for Life ~ Our Journey


Keto for health Keto for Life

I have mentioned keto, our way of eating (WOE) a few times here and on social media (mostly on Instagram).  Of course, I’d love to lose weight.  After many pregnancies and the subsquent months breastfeeding (during which I gain weight), I have more weight than what my body should be carrying.  The weight has not come off as quickly as some experience, but that has not deterred me.  I have found so many other benefits.  When my weight is down, that will be a bonus.  I will be keto for health – keto for life.

Benefits to Eating Keto

You may be wondering what benefits to eating keto I have seen in the past four months.  I sleep well and get to sleep easily (most of the time).  I have energy – real energy.  My head is clear; I remember why I went into the next room and complete the task that sent me there.  My face is clear.  I didn’t think much of the occasional blemish, until I started getting comments about my recent lack of them.  The seasonal depression I have experienced in recent years is not here this year.  I think this is two fold, my body is healthier and I’m outside more, giving me more Vitamin D.

My children have picked up so much slack over the past few years, they are not accustomed to me helping them with the chores and cleaning.  Not only are we getting our regular chores and schoolwork done, we’ve been tackling additional projects.  We’ve been purging, organizing and rearranging all the little things that have accumulated over the years.  I had been lazy, or unable, or just didn’t care about keeping home like I should.  Looking at things from this side and getting things done, it is shameful.  Now we not only get things done, together, but we play, together.  It has been too long since this mama ran around and played outside with her children.

The benefits to eating keto go even further than weight loss, my immediate health and the benefits to my relationships with my children.  This way of eating is used by people with epilepsy to help reduce the frequency and intensity of seizure activity.  It is thought to help with preventing, delaying and even treating alzheimers and parkinsons.  We have been told about healthy fats being good for brain health and especially brain development in our babies.  It is when we tip the balance in favor of too many carbs that we aren’t seeing the full benefits.

This is a learning journey.  It is resetting habits that have formed over decades.  It is countering the societal norms (been doing that for years in home birthing, homeschooling and homesteading).  After having just a taste of how good this life is, I will not be going back.  I don’t have any desire to cheat.  Sugar doesn’t have a hold on me anymore.  My former love for pasta and bread is not even appealing.  When you no longer crave these things, it is easy to choose what is better.  It is easier to choose keto for health, keto for life.

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