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Make Your Nighttime Routine Easier


You know have a routine to get everyone off to bed is important, but what if it seems like more trouble than it is worth?  The nighttime routine you have set up for your family might take a very long time. You might have children going off to bed at different times. Or you might have a very fussy sleeper on your hands, so you are up and down most of the night trying to get them back to sleep! 


When you have your own nighttime routine to try and get through, it might make you want to throw your own tantrum! And when you wake up again in the morning, you might just hate life a little bit more than you did yesterday. Which is why it’s super important to try and make your nighttime routine easier. Let’s go through a few steps you might find useful. 



Give Yourself a Bed Time


Your kids have a bedtime, but do you? Do you have a set time each and every night to take yourself off to sleep for? Because if you don’t, you are not doing yourself any favors! You need to set yourself up with a proper bedtime schedule, to make sure your brain gets used to going to bed at night at a healthy time. 


Try to aim for 10 or 11 in the evening, to make sure you get at least 6 to 7 hours of good sleep.  Maybe you will wake before one of the children wakes up the following morning. And the more you stick to this hour for bedtime, the easier you’re going to find it to fall asleep! 



Upgrade Your Home Tech


Of course, we all know it’s pretty bad to go to bed with your gadgets in hand, or keep a TV on in the background. Not only will you add to your electrical bills, but you’re going to seriously disrupt your sleep as well! You need to take at least 20 minutes to wind down before bedtime.  And try to minimize all those lights in your sleeping space.  Even though they may be dim and small, the indicator lights on chargers and devices can disrupt a good sleep cycle.


But that is not what we’re here to talk about. No, instead, we’re going to focus on a little bit of Home Automation, to try and make your nighttime routine easier. If you can just say a word to turn all the lights off in the house, or you know the aforementioned TV is on a strict standby counter, you can rest assured that the house is “put to bed”, too. And what does that do? Well, it leaves you a few more minutes to brush your teeth and wash your face before bed.  Or read a few pages of a good book (a real book, not from a screen – remember, your eyes need that break for better sleep).


Prioritize Efficiency


And finally, try to be efficient with your nighttime routine. For example, if the laundry hamper is on the way to the bathroom, take your washing with you, and don’t make yourself come back for it. That just wastes time! The more you can minimize those trips up and down the stairs or from one end of the house to the other, the better.  You may realize that some better organization would help in the efficiency department.  Keeping the laundry hamper near where you change clothes daily might make more sense than keeping it in the laundry room for example. 

Easy really is the name of the game when it comes to bedtime. How long does your nighttime routine take?

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