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A new journey

I am hoping this will be fun–blogging.  I have found so many great blogs with inspiration and encouragement.  I hope I can return some of that to anyone who might stumble upon my little spot here.

I love all things kitchens.  Before becoming a wife and mama I was a kitchen designer.  I still love perusing kitchen displays at Lowe’s and reading kitchen design magazines.  Whenever I have some free time I like to draw out plans too.  Yes, I know this is a little odd and yes I am okay with that 🙂  I also love creating yummy food in my kitchen–much to my family’s delight.  My latest interest has been on healthy eating.  I am trying to learn as much as I can about various ‘superfoods’ and other things for improving or maintaining our health–without costly supplements.

We try to live a natural if not organic life.  Our garden will be organic.  We couldn’t call it officially organic though due to the farmers in the area and their use of chemicals on their fields.  Anyone know what we can plant along the shared boundary to try to shield our property from their chemicals?  We raise goats and chickens for meat and eggs.  Eggs from the chickens, not the goats We don’t have any dairy animals because my husbands grandparents were dairy farmers and could rarely leave.   We generally do not go anywhere anyway so maybe we can add this in the future.  I would love to at least find a source for raw milk-preferably cow as we prefer the taste.  I have found the easiest recipe for making yogurt and would love to try my hand at making cheese.  I’ll share the yogurt recipe in a future post.

I hope I haven’t bored anyone.  I need to get busy in the kitchen.  I’ll be back to post more as my time allows.


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