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Slow, slow start to the garden

This year we will be trying square foot gardening.  My wonderful husband prepared 3 spots for me last fall.  We have been adding egg shells and a few kitchen scraps (most go to the chickens) to them.  I had been wanting to get some early crops in but it didn’t work out.  I love eating sugar snap peas straight from the garden!  In our area, fall crops usually do better than the early spring ones.  The saying in our area is to put your garden in Mother’s day weekend.  That is just over a week away so we might just be ready then.

I love reading about other family’s gardening adventures so I am going to participate in this challenge from Teaching Good Things . I hope to have more to share as the spring and summer progress. 


two future planting spots


Wishing you abundant blessings from your garden-be it a large plot or a small pot.


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