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Sick of No Space in Your Home? Look For More – In Your Home


Space in the home is something that you would seem to have a ton of when you first move in. You have this vision of everything that you could possibly fill your home with, and it starts to fill up. But then all of a sudden it fills up just a tad too much. It can seriously feel like your home is closing in on you. Especially if you start expanding your family because then you truly realize what it means to have very little space. Feeling like you have no space is the opposite of why you moved into the home that you are in right now. You wanted space, space for your things, your husband’s things, your children’s things. So if you feel like your things have started to take over your life and your home, we’re here to try and help you. We’ve got some excellent storage solutions for you to try. Keep on reading, and see how you can add more space.



Space Saving Solutions


To save space, you’re going to have to think about the space in your home that could be put to better use. There are some seriously cool space-saving solutions out there that you should think about trying. The first one that you might like to make the most of, is a storage shed, outbuilding, outhouse. We know that this is taking it away from your home a little bit, but an outhouse can be used for so many different ways in terms of storage. You can put things like spare kitchenware, toys, clothes, anything you wish! But if this doesn’t sound like the solution for you, there are plenty of things that you can do in the house. Getting each room to have a storage bed that lifts up to reveal storage space under the mattress is one of them. They’re usually so light and easy to lift up, and the storage space is huge. It might be a little bit of an investment, but it will be totally worth it!  Or drawers built-in under the mattress.  The simplest way to add to your under-bed storage is a platform bed frame.  It replaces the box spring and gives you 12-14″ of clearance under the bed.  We switched to this type of frame when we bought our Purple mattress.  We can store so many things under there!


Out With The Old


You don’t realize how the things in your home might be hindering you. Especially if you have had them from the moment that you moved in. But we love to hold on to things, too long.  Hopefully, the following link will inspire you to move on. Wardrobes are usually the last thing that we like to replace in the home, even if the door is falling off. But having a new wardrobe can seriously improve the space in your bedroom. Not only might you be able to find one that better fits your bedroom, but you will also be able to find one with better space inside. So think about all of the storage cupboards and drawers that you have in your home, whether you’re getting the most out of them, or whether it’s time to get rid of something.  


If you don’t have storage furniture but builtin cabinetry and closets, you can still improve the storage capabilities.  There are so many shelf attachments, organizers and inserts that you can add.  Pick items that suit what you store in that space and make the most of it.  I love this kitchen insert for getting utensils off of our cluttered counters and still at hand where they are needed.



Going Minimalist


Finally, we can recommend going minimalist. It is the process of cutting items out of your home, leaving the bare minimum. When you think about it, you might have piled so many baubles and ornaments and pieces of furniture into your home that you don’t actually need. Research about going minimalist and see if it suits you.

I never recommend getting rid of things you actually use.  We’re a homeschool family.  We have books, lots and lots of books.  We can weed through and get rid of some that we have outgrown.  We can sell the curricula that are not a fit for our children, but we will likely always have our bookshelves filled.

As our children get older and don’t need to changed clothes multiple times a day, we can keep fewer articles of clothing.  And now that most are teens, forget about hand-me-downs.  They each have their own style that is (mostly) not shared by a sibling.

This a project area that is ongoing.  We might break it down to be a smaller part so that it can be given a deadline and crossed off of a list, but overall, decluttering and minimizing is never finished – especially with growing children.

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