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PeopleKeys The Children’s Profile a Schoolhouse Crew Review

Growing up, our family was (besides our parents) just my sister and I.  In many ways, we were as different as night and day.  Fast forward a number of years, and I noticed with my first two daughters that they were as different as night and day.  No big surprise, right?  But then, as each younger sibling grew and started developing their own personalities, they were their own versions of night and day.  I knew that personalities are more complex than A or B, but not until my own children did I realize just how complex.

Six children with their own personalities could be a recipe for chaos and constant fighting.  How to figure each one out — not just for myself, but for them to better understand each other, too?  This nice little item from PeopleKeys, The Children’s Profile, has opened doors for us.  Especially lately as it has felt as though we are in prolonged ‘survival mode’, sibling rivalry and squabbling has taken up residence here.  After completing the Children’s Profile, we are making steps in the direction of better understanding of one another.

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Just what is the Children’s Profile?  The Children’s Profile is a 20 question, multiple choice quiz and introduction into personality style.  Using the DISC theory, the 25 page booklet is written to explain not only the four personality styles, but also how to relate to others with the various styles.  The booklet is written directly to 9-13 year olds using easy to relate to questions and language.  It’s not dumbed down, doesn’t use slang or trendy phrasing, but is relevant to children in this age range.  Parents can also (and are recommended to) take the quiz to determine their personality style.

The quiz is simply laid out on one page with the facing page to determine the results.  The rest of the pages cover the styles individually and in comparison.  The last pages look at ways to get along with those of differing personality styles.  This information isn’t written out, but asks the child to come up with ways to get along.

All of my children, from 12 down to 3 (as well as myself) answered the questions.  I could definitely see the reasons for the minimum age being 9.  My younger children were focused more on answering with the “right” answer than what they truly felt.  It will be interesting to see how they answer in a few years.  My older three girls fell strongly into the areas I expected them to.

That may seem as though we learned nothing from this profile guide.  Far from it.  The bulk of the guide, and where I think it’s greatest benefit lies, is in the explanations and discussion of the different styles and how to relate to them.  My daughters were able to see areas where they thought their sister was attacking them or trying to always fight with them over something and see this is their personality and not about them at all.

The discussions and their responses to learning how one personality type interacts with a specific different type were encouraging for all of us.  The Children’s Profile ($15) is intended for one child’s use and permission is not given to copy any pages.  We conducted subsequent quizzes discussions orally.  To get the best use, each child should have their own copy.

The Children’s Profile is just one of the many products available from PeopleKeys.  Schoolhouse Review Crew families reviewed a variety of resources.  Be sure to read all the reviews!

Thank you PeopleKeys!
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