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Second Chances with Prison Fellowship


Second Chances  

Fresh Start 

Changed Lives  

These are all terms that are heard when the Prison Fellowship ministry, The Academy, is talked about.  Unless you have or have had a loved one in the prison system you may not have thought too much on the topic of recidivism.  Recidivism is the tendency of a criminal to re-offend.  While we don’t want to violent criminals to run wild, wreaking havoc, or causing harm to our family or neighborhoods, most offenders aren’t likely to follow this path.  The more support they have from their community and with some skills gained while incarcerated the less likely they are to re-offend.

I love what the Prison Fellowship page says here:

At Prison Fellowship®, we believe that God is in the business of restoration. No matter how far gone hope seems to be, there is always room to fight for redemption. We are passionate about meeting men and women in prison and sharing with them the hope of redemption in Christ.

If you are a Believer, then you know first hand the second chance given to you through the love shown by Jesus Christ.  Watching the story of just one family that has been restored through The Academy has made me a believer in the work that Prison Fellowship is doing.  The collection of stories, told through video, is appropriately titled Restoration Series.  The first is a collection in 5 parts, Jonathan’s Walk.  This follows Jonathan and his family as he re-enters society.  We see how his family, the community, and the people with Prison Fellowship help to give them the best chance at success – at being a regular family – at living in the Second Chance we have all been given.


Episode 1

Want to see more of Jonathan’s and Nikole’s story?  Simply click here to watch the rest of the episodes and bts (behind-the-scenes) footage.  

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