What Makes a Home Exterior Irresistible


Have you ever sat in your garden and wondered what about your home would make someone passing by, stop and admire? What about homes do we find attractive by just having a first glance? It’s something that real estate agents and property investors ponder about every day. There’s no one thing that we can pinpoint. Homes are so complex and each of us has our own ideas about what home and property should be. Even still, there are a few things that we can all agree on. A bright green and fairly large lawn is definitely welcoming. It’s a sign of wealth and it just looks great. Having great architecture of some kind immediately catches our eye. If your home isn’t built like all the other homes in the neighborhood, you can’t help but expect people to pay more attention to it. So, what else would catch your eye?





Have you seen Home Alone? The McAllister family has a large home, but it’s not like any other in the neighborhood in terms of size and style. However, they do have porch statues standing outside their front door and in line with their steps. No other house in the area has anything remotely similar. These kinds of character statues are symbols of what the home and the owners are about. Do you have ancestry you would like to express? If you’re Welsh, buy a Welsh dragon or wyvern statue. Maybe you want something that shows power, so you could buy an armored knight statue. It can be made out of limestone or bronze. The statue or sculpture could express the kind of decor and interior design style your home possesses. 


Practical outdoor space 


For a large or growing family, plenty of indoor and outdoor space matters. If you’re on the prowl for a new home, a property that has a garage is going to stand out. If this is something you would like specifically, looking for a package home is your best bet. Bellriver Homes packages blend land and structures, so you can expect to find homes with two-car garages and still enough room for a front and back garden. On top of this, your package will include a driveway so you can keep two cars in storage and two out front. Many of these homes are perfect for growing families as they’re mostly 4-bedroom properties.  A potting shed or gazebo are other outdoor structures that can add a lot of usefulness to a property while being stylish.




Your taste in architecture


When a home looks the way you picture your dream home in your mind, you can’t help but fall head over heels for it. This is why you should learn more about architecture so you can put a name to a face. When you realize what kind of architectural style you love, then you can hunt more accurately for the kind of door designs, window frames, brick, materials and overall period style you want. 


A marvelous home will be spacious both on the inside and outside. It will also lend itself to being practical such as a large garage. A pair of statues of sculptures that fit your personality, standing outside would be the cherry on the cake. 


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