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Wulf the Saxon from Heirloom Audio Productions ~ Homeschool Crew Review


It’s no secret that we love the audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions.  We were so excited to receive the latest title, Wulf the Saxon, for our first review of the year with the Homeschool Review Crew.  This title, by G. A. Henty, begins in 1065 and follows Wulf, a Saxon through the time leading up to the Norman conquest of Britain.  We follow young Wulf through the events that grow his character.  As we are listening to the adventurous story, my children are seeing what choices and decisions make up this good, Christian character.  These audio dramas are good on so many levels.



Like most historical fiction books, the setting – at least in part, is true to history.  Some things might be stretched a bit or details filled in to suit a story, but overall, the story is quite possible.  Historical figures are part of the story, but our main characters are fictional.  As a homeschool mama, my favorite aspect of historical fiction is how it makes the historical time period and events relatable.

Heirloom Audio Productions uses books written by G. A. Henty as the basis of their dramas.  These books were written to appeal to young people.  The adventure and action of the story draws the listener in.  We feel as though we are experiencing the story through the lives of the characters we follow.  In the case of Wulf the Saxon, Wulf is the character we follow throughout the story.

We are first introduced to Wulf as a ward of Harold, an earl or nobleman.  Like many young men, Wulf had an issue with his temper.  After some time spent at his childhood home, he is brought back to Harold’s side.  Wulf, along with a new friend, Beorn – a fellow thegn (land holder), accompanied Harold.  Through various events and adventures, we see not only Wulf’s character but also the history taking place.  During what ultimately is the Norman Conquest, we come to see a different side of the battles.  The way Henty has written the events is fair to both the Saxons and Normans.  Or as the story begins with Mr. Henty himself, the English and the French.

Heirloom Audio Productions creates top notch audio dramas.  From the story itself to the special effects and music.  This is not an audiobook.  This is as good as any movie – with the visuals left to the listener’s imagination.  We have a weekly errand day and love to spend the driving time listening to our growing collection of audio dramas.  I like having the physical CDs.  We have the flexibility to pop the discs in the player in the van or import into the computer and add to an iPod so the children can listen when and where they want.  My boys like listening before they go to sleep.  They may say they are too old for a bedtime story, but they don’t realize that is just what this is.

We keep our audio dramas fairly low key.  If I wanted to add more “schooliness” to them, we could join the Live the Adventure Club and take advantage of the extra resources there.  We do this especially when the story ties in to where we are in our history studies.  I just hate to keep these audio productions only for history studies.

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