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One of our very favorite things about homeschooling is exploring the world around us.  Nearly everyday, my children are bringing me some find from the yard or woods.  From rocks to feathers to critters, they are all treasures to learn more about.  But, we are limited to our immediate area.  That is where fabulous books come in; books can take us anywhere in the world.  By the Way Book Series not only tells a fun story of Alex and Lexi and their adventures, but shares natural history from a Christian Worldview.  Our first book from this fun series (yes, we will be getting more) is Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come!  As the title suggests, it is a look at the Smoky Mountains.

Once our copy arrived, we dove right in and read the story straight through.  Then we began again, taking our time this time through.  There are so many great photos and interesting tidbits tucked into these pages, even this second time through was not enough.  The younger two continue reading this on their own — or just pouring over the pictures.  Even the older siblings have been enjoying this “trip” to the Smoky Mountains.  It has furthered our desire to take a trip to the Smoky Mountains to experience this area of God’s creation first hand.

Explore Nature as God’s Creation

Studying Natural History (or Nature Studies) is not only a wonderful way to learn more about the flora, fauna and geography of an area, but it can serve a greater purpose.  We can learn more about God.  When we explore nature as God’s creation, we are learning more about Him and growing closer to Him.  When we have natural, regular conversations about God and our beliefs, these things become a more natural and regular part of our lives.  If we only talk about God related to church going and church events, we are reducing God’s importance.  If we live out God’s involvement in every area of our life, our children will more readily carry on with this same type of relationship.

3 John  4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are living by the truth.  NIRV

These hardback books are intended for children ages 5-12, but can be enjoyed by a much broader audience.  The full color pages (48 in our title) are full of beautiful photos and illustrations as well the fictional story and historical and scientific facts — all from a Biblical perspective.  There are additional resources, an activity book, a card pack and posters.  These will be great additions to our study of each state.  We are really looking forward to the Indiana book, but will probably order the Florida’s Treasure Coast as our next book.  I can see this inspiring much fun for my boys.


See Where This Series Goes

This is the second book in the series.  From what we read, each story stands alone and is not dependent on the others or any sequential order.  The first two titles in the By the Way Series feature geographical areas where as the rest of the current titles feature a state.  Our state, Indiana, is one of the titles releasing this year.  Also coming out this year is book on an international location, Ireland.  I am excited to see where this series goes (pun intended).

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