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Selling A Home Well – It’s All About Image



When selling a home, there are many things to keep in mind.  Some of the things that could turn a potential buyer away are quite avoidable.  Let’s say you show a couple around your home, and it’s going really well. However, in the final room you show them, you sneeze hard and repeatedly with no tissue in sight.  The viewers might think “how else might this person conduct unhygienic bodily matters around this household? Can I trust anything they say? I would never sneeze like that.” Lo and behold, this unspoken concern has reduced their intent to buy by at least 0.02%. This ridiculous and extreme scenario is illustrative of something very important – when it comes to selling property, appearances very much matter.

Of course, that doesn’t mean appearances are everything. You can do your best to hide flaws and cover up potential update issues, but with a savvy buyer, you can be sure those problems will be raised. To give you the best chances in making the sale at the desired price and time, there are some things you could to improve those first impressions.  Consider our tips for selling a home well, with this in mind:


Renting Furniture

Renting furniture can be a worthwhile method of filling out a home in a relatively short amount of time. It might be that you have already found a new place and are moving out, or that your home is relatively bare and you wish to sell it well. For property agents, it can be that empty homes are hard to move, so sometimes getting accent pieces, such as a chaise lounge can help them overcome that sense of drab emptiness that can haunt vacant homes. Of course, the potential homeowners know they are not going to purchase the furniture with the household.  But it is also important for them to visualize their life there. It’s not uncommon for viewers to say ‘I love the home, it has everything I’m looking for, but I just can’t see myself here.’ To prevent that from happening, it might be that this step remedies the misgivings.


Great Weather

Of course, predicting the weather in advance is hard to do. But sometimes, it might be that bringing people around in the height of summer, or perhaps booking many viewings in one particularly beautiful week can help you show your property in the best light. It might be that seeing your property in full bloom can motivate someone to bid a little harder when placing an offer in the property. After all, first impressions matter. Of course, this may not sway the purchase in either direction, but it can add a little extra something if you’re able to arrange this successfully.

Does your home look awesome with Christmas lights, but you’re selling in the summer?  Or perhaps the orchard is beautiful in full bloom but this is October.  Having photos in a showcase album to feature the best of your home can help overcome missing your home’s “best side”.


Presenting Skills

If you’re excited about the property, recounting the benefits and the memories you have crafted there, the potential buyer is sure to feel excited. This goes with anything you might try and sell. When you are telling a story about something you have enjoyed, it can be infectious.  Gain some presenting skills, and you might just secure an offer.


With these simple tips, you’re sure to sell your home in a timely manner, with an offer gained that you appreciate.

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